NORC Summer Camp 2014

We held our 2014 Summer Camp at Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls from Friday 25th July to Sunday 27th July

A full, fun programme with training for all abilities was laid on with loads of training in all disciplines flat work, pole work, show jumping and cross country, gourmet food, a hot tub and even a  pony massage demo.

Sun cream essential (ice cream optional)

Fantastic value at 250, the price included:

  • stabling, straw bedding, haylage and hay
  • private shower and toilet
  • private plunge pool
  • all home cooked meals
  • field for camping/caravans and lorry hook up

Camp pictures are here . . . .

. . . . there's a special panoramic view of ALW here
(taken by Pippa's Reuben) . . . .

. . . . there are some terrific photographs taken by Jason Relton here . . . and you can buy prints . . .

. . . and this is what people said about the event:

NORC 2014 Camp - feedback

"To the Committee!

Just wanted to thank you all for organising such a fabulous weekend. As a newcomer and first experience of camp I thought it was fantastic. the combined training event held in June at Swalcliffe was a brilliant idea as a taster for camp beforehand so you had an idea what to expect.

I was amazed at how the weekend ran so smoothly - the riding, the facilities and variety of trainers and training was exceptional. I got a huge amount out of the weekend for both horse and rider it was a real confidence giving experience in terms of pushing yourself; bonding with your horse and having fun with them in a different environment.

The catering was first class and hit the spot every time - I felt like I was on holiday when I saw the printed menu with 5 courses for Saturday night nestled against a candelabra!!

The other NORC members were all lovely and made everyone feel so welcome - there was a real team atmosphere of like minded people who love their horses with a passion but also have a sense of humour and a laugh!

I can't wait for next years camp!

Thank you very much once again"
Nic & May

"Dear Sue,

What a fantastic day. Thank you so much for organising such a brilliant event and thank you for the opportunity to attend today.

This mornings show jumping with Sarah was brilliant and great to get a new view.

This afternoon x country with Owen was perfect as have been able to continue the work I have already been doing with him and he could see Ballie's naughtiness which was so helpful.

Got over the massive trekener :)!!!!!!!

Sorry that I raced off but it was so hot it wasn't fair on Ballie and the second half afternoon classes were underway and didn't want to disturb.

With thanks"
Claire and Ballie

" . . . . fab fab fab - weekend, great food, good riding, lovely venue, excellent people, brilliant trainers - and thank you Sue for putting it all together . . . "
Bronwyn and Belle


"Ditto Bronners FAB U LUS!!!!

I'm so tired but so happy :-)

Kate and Wibs


"Dear NORC Campers,

Where do I start....  I got home completely tired out as I am sure you all were.... but on a wonderful high.....

I am a very lucky lady as normally I would get home and have to write a report about the camp but this year, before I got pen to paper, I had already received some lovely feedback from our campers about NORC 2014 Summer Camp....

The pictures tell the story look on the website  ..... everyone had a wonderful time.... the weather was perfect.... the facilities are to die for.... our trainers were spot on with how much to push us but not take you out of your comfort zone....

Everyone mucked in with keeping the camp tidy and all took a good turn at the washing up etc.

I want to say some thank you's which is dangerous as I would hate to miss anybody but here goes:

  • Ian my lovely husband you are a brick, thank you
  • to all our campers the atmosphere was fantastic and buzzing, thank you
  • to our trainers the best bunch ever, thank you
  • to all the extra helpers, naming a few, Graham, Heather and her two lovely girls, Ruben and Damien, thank you
  • to the Taylor's for letting us use there front lawn and facilities, thank you

We are now focusing on the NORC Annual Show Sunday 17th August so you are not off the hook, more e-mails will be going out soon as help will be needed.

Our club is for our members..... so thank you all again"
Sue Gibb

Thank you Sue for all your efforts it really was the best weekend and I loved every minute of it - you did an amazing job!

Laura x

Another fantastic year at NORC camp.

I have come home feeling tired but full of joy, can't believe what I have achieved in 2 days.

Thank you to all that organised and helped.
Fiona Hall and Em

Last year was fantastic, this year was amazing.

Thank you so much Sue, Barbara, Vicky, Bronwyn, Ian and everyone else who worked so hard to make it so great.

Fantastic facilities, brilliant trainers, fabulous food and awesome fellow riders.

I learnt loads and loved every minute, thank you everyone so much!
Marissa and Bob

Dear Sue

WOW! What a weekend. I'm still on a massive high and can't stop smiling at the thought of all us girlies camping with our ponies.

I would like to say a massive thank you to you, your lovely husband Ian, and the rest of the committee for organizing such a wonderful experience.

Being a novice, first time riding club camper I wasn't really sure what to expect (even though I had been on the day camp as a taster session).

Well, I needn't have worried, as I was made to feel extremely welcome and I was soon settling in to camp life.

My pony Simba thought it was his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one when he saw a cosy deep straw bed and unlimited hayledge. He took to all the training really well and we both learnt so much more about each other with the advice and help of all the instructors.

After 4 hours training a day to have all meals cooked and ready for all of us was a real treat, the food was fantastic, thankyou.

I've made some really special friends and enjoyed the whole 'glamping' experience. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

See you at the annual show in a couple of weeks.

Lots of love
Pip and Simba

Hello Ladies

I do hope you had an enjoyable camp this year. The layout looked fabulous - particularity the hot tub!

It was lovely to meet some of you on Saturday evening for my Equine Massage Clinic. I hope you enjoyed it and found it equally interesting and informative.

Best wishes,
Jennylee Animal Massage