NORC Summer Camp 2017

Our Summer Camps are renowned for being great fun, varied training and excellent social activities.

This year it was held on Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July at Washbrook Farm in Aston Le Walls with their new posh dining facilities and 'pop-up' stables

People said this was our best ever camp with a good mix of new people and seasoned campers

The training programme was hard work but great fun and Sue's catering was first rate as always but spiced by some ad-hoc entertainment from the various attendees




From Sue
Arriving at 1 p.m. after been told the day before that the clubhouse would be clean and ready for us to use at that time - it was full of workmen plus all their tools and plaster dust everywhere.

1 p.m.? No such luck - in my dreams maybe . . .  in fact it was . . . no stables . . . no sink . . . no water . . . no showers . . . plunge pool miles away and empty : (

I just stood there and thought 'shall I just go home?' after all this is ALW! I should have known better!

Then miraculously stables flew in on cranes, unfolded and dropped down, talk about!

Next Tom arrived with an oven; a sink was put in the new kitchen and water connected. The plunge pool was rolled over fields and into place by lovely Tom who filled it with water. Meanwhile I swept out the main room, washed the dust off the sofas etc. Bronners and Jemima set up the tables and put my flowers and candelabras in place. We moved into the kitchen and got the dinner on, NORC punch made ready for the evening demo with Rebecca Cowderoy and her fab horses, job done.

We had some new NORC members this year, seasoned camp members, new trainers and seasoned trainers. Delighted to say that seasoned and new campers had a camp ball.

I came away with visions of laughing happy girls . . . all getting on and bonding, chivvying each other on, and feeling the fear and ‘doing it anyway’.

Thank you girls for my lovely pillow, which I managed to have forty winks on when I arrived home and Tara (my new grey pony) really enjoyed her treats.

My only regret is that I had not taken more photos of the training and all goings on, the Irish Dancing, Polo Princess, Water Babies.

I can’t wait until next year 29th /30th June and 1st July.

2018 ALW Camp. Here we come, and may it always be an annual event.

Hard work but totally worth it!

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Jools Britton
Such a fantastic camp. NORC 2017 you hit the ball out of the park this year!!! X

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Sara Chittleburgh - Kingsbridge Equestrian
Well that was a weekend like no other!

Thank you NORC for inviting me to teach at your camp and work with some awesomely crazy ladies!

The food, laughs and great achievements from all involved has been a pleasure to be a part of

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Marissa Wylie
A BIG BIG THANKYOU Sue & the gang for the most incredible Camp from me too, with a big shout out to Ian for brekkies. Had the most fantastic time this weekend, we all achieved something special and made some great new friends. Miss you all now. After years of looking I finally found my brave pants in the knicker drawer this weekend thanks to you all. Trouble is I don't want to take them off now 😜 eek. Thanks guys for so much fun. Love all the pictures!

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Julie Attfield
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a fabulous weekend and how much I appreciate the amount of work that goes into all the organisation.

Blue and I both learnt so much and all the trainers we had were superb, the food was delicious and everyone made us feel so welcome.

Can't wait until next year.

Kindest regards

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Emma Moore
I've had a fabulous weekend, spending time with the most amazing group of ladies. I've never laughed so hard and achieved so much in the space of 3 days.

Thank you Sue, thank you to the fantastic instructors and thank you to all the ladies for making it such a memorable little holiday! Roll on #camp2018.

Emma xx

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Simone Bochen-Haack
The North Oxfordshire riding club had a 3 day camp
With my new pony Eric I went.
To make friends and have lessons, read the advert I saw
but I wasn't gonna sleep in a tent.

My horse settled in and my car all unpacked
I proceeded to drink and to mingle.
There were no men about, not one could be found
which is sad if you're young free and single.

So the lessons began and the horses behaved
although I had the naughtiest pony.
The teacher said "Can't you control that big beast, as you soften and trot?" - oh if only!

We learnt jumping and corners and how to ride nicely and baked as the day heated up.
Then collapsed in a heap after stables were swept and some fizz was poured into my cup.

The prosecco did flow and the laughter was loud
and the stories went into the night.
Next year when I come with the practise I've done a jump at cross country I might!

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Vanessa Keene
What a weekend!!!

Julie (or should I say Dec!!) and myself weren't sure what to expect, and I have to say were a little on the nervous side arriving on Friday! We needn't have worried at all..... everyone was absolutely lovely from the moment we got there. It was so well organised, both horses and humans were catered for fabulously -we didn't want to go home!

Please can I sign up for next year??!!

Much love


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