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British Riding Club & British Horse Society

NORC is affiliated to the British Riding Club/British Horse Society forming part of Area 5.

This page is intended to update you with information from them and will be updated as and when.

The link to BHS is here from where you can navigate to BRC.

The BRC Flu Jab Checker - 2020


The 2020 Flu Vac checker and the 6 month calculator has been approved and is now on the BRC website as a download.


Provided below is Excel document for you to use around your club for checking passport flu vac details are correct. The 6 month calculator is also part of the attached and just use the tab button to move down to it.


Although it does not come into full effect for qualifiers and championships until the 1st March 2020, it is recommended to be adopted from 1st January 2020, only a few weeks away now.


We want to ensure that all riders adopt this new process and the sooner they start to follow the 6 month rule, the less likely there will be of any errors.


I can also advise that the Flu Vac Register that was shown at the last Area meeting has now had the shadow colours changed around to:


  • Green: last injection date within the 6 month of the competition date

  • Yellow: Restart of the injection frequency and date when next injection falls between

  • Red: Passport error means the injections would needed to be restarted – No details seen since the month and year quoted after my initials TP.


Hopefully this new format will not only assist BRC in checking the status of the horse at the next competition date but will also let you know quickly the status of that horse’s passport.

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