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Representing the Club

We encourage everyone to get involved in area competitions. There are team and individual classes in many disciplines and at every level.

To represent the club, we ask that you use an official NORC branded numnah and where appropriate there are NORC branded base layers and silks. These must be purchased at your cost. 

Any Teams or Individuals who qualify for the National Championship in any discipline will have the Championship entry fees paid by the Club.  


If you are interested and would like to compete on behalf of NORC in Senior or Junior teams then please contact Victoria Broomfield.

Click here to see the criteria for riders on the BRC website.

The following competitor numbers must be worn at BRC events:

You must be a fully paid up member of NORC to compete in a team. Please read the ‘terms & vaccinations’ and ‘teams entry terms & conditions’ information by clicking on the links above.For qualifying events we will need a copy of your horse’s vaccination certificate as soon as possible. Please note that if you want to enter an Area 5 competition you will need to complete your entry and pay the fee at least three weeks before the competition. If entry fees are not received three weeks in advance then the entries will not be made. 

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